Radiant Diamond 1 Carat G SI2 – Dallas


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  • SI2
  • G
  • Radiant
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Loose Radiant Diamonds at Shira Diamonds

Radiant Diamonds - Shira DiamondsThe radiant cut diamond has 70 facets. The radiant cut diamond can be square or elongated. Jewelry store in Dallas, Texas that carries a vast selection of radiant cut diamonds. This radiant cut diamond is a 1 carat G SI2 and certified by EGL. If you would like to view our loose diamonds please give us a call or text at 214-466-1776.

The genuine radiant cut has a circular life that can be explained as light entering through various facets that then gets reflects numerous times within the stone thus emphasizing its brilliance many times over.Buying a radiant cut diamond is certainly not a 1 minute task. There are several aspects to consider here. When the length to width ratio of a radiant diamond happens to be between 1.00 and 1.05, you get a square shaped one. The ratio of a rectangular radiant is usually more than 1.10. There is nothing superior or inferior about either of the shapes though. Your choice will depend on your preference here.

We sell a variety of certified and non-certified loose diamonds. Each diamond in our inventory is conflict free and personally hand-picked and examined by our diamond experts. Complete information is available on every single diamond we sell.



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