Radiant Diamond Cut 7.03ct D Si1 Non Certified – Dallas



Radiant Diamond Cut 7.03ct D Si1 Non Certified in Dallas

Diamonds have been Numero Uno since time immemorial and have been exceedingly popular as jewelry since the dawn of human civilization. While there are a number of cuts that emphasize the brilliance and fire of a diamond including a host of fancy shapes, certain cuts are recognized for their traits and have been used as the centerpiece of many famous jewelry through the years.

The Radiant diamond is a superb combination of the elegant square shape and the eye popping brilliance of a round cut. It took the genius of Henry Grossbard, a master craftsman more than 33 years to create this excellent cut in 1977. The square and rectangular shape in diamonds that did not compromise on brilliance were favored by the hip and happening crowd thereafter and the radiant cut diamond soon became available everywhere.

This Radiant Cut Diamond is a 7.03ct D SI1 Non Certified Diamond. We can send this diamond to GIA if you would like! If you would like to view our Radiant Cut diamonds visit Shira Diamonds or call 214-707-1182.


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