Wholesale 0.72ct F SI1 Pear Diamond – Dallas


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  • Pearl
Diamonds Group:
  • F
  • SI1 ( Slightly Included )


Wholesale Pear Diamonds in Dallas

Wholesale diamonds for sale in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds. If you would like to view our pear diamonds please call or text 214-336-8269. This wholesale loose diamond is a 0.72ct ( 3/4 ) color F and Si1 Clarity and selling for $1600.00. Pear diamonds are unique to say the least. It looks like a delicate tear drop, a shape that is exquisite and much in demand. This wonderful cut is the result of a bold combination of a traditional round cut with a dazzling brilliance and a marquise that is similar to a perfect oval.

Pear Diamonds Dallas, TX

The beautiful pear cut diamonds Dallas is immensely popular among celebrities because of their uniqueness. They have been a hit as engagement rings throughout the world as well. The cut is rather uncommon in spite of its popularity and you might find yourself to be the only one in possession of a lovely tear drop diamond among your social set. The artful combination of two great cuts of diamonds makes the pear cut irresistible as it imbibes the best qualities of each cut. While you are likely to be dazzled by its sheer brilliance when all the 58 facets sparkle together (a trait of the round diamond), you are going to be pleased to observe that the pear cut diamond makes your finger look much elongated than it actually is.A pear diamond is most suitable when set in an engagement ring but they serve equally well as the centerpiece of a traditional necklace or as a pair of simple yet elegant tear drop earrings.
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It is not easy to recognize the best quality pear diamond though. Remember to consult a diamond expert or look for the following, if you want to inspect the pear diamond on your own before handing over the requisite amount.

The value of a pear cut diamond diminishes when one side of the rounded edge slopes more than the other. A perfect pear diamond has an evenly matched rounded edge.
The lowermost point of the tear drop should remain exactly in the center of the rounded edges thus creating a perfect symmetry.
The brilliance of the traditional round diamond is mimicked exactly in a pear cut. It is best not to buy pear cuts with dark areas that do not reflect light although an occasional bow tie effect may be noticed in a pear diamond as well.
The length to width ratio is all important in this particular cut as well. Choose a diamond that has an average width of 1 along with a length of 1.4-1.7.

While you are free to set your pear diamond anyway you want, diamond merchants and noted jewelers advice having an angular prong in your ring to protect the delicate tip of the pear shaped stone. A plain solitaire is great for showing off the unique cut of a pear diamond especially when it served as an engagement ring. The six prongs help to protect the pear diamond admirably here. You are also welcome to use smaller pear diamond accents.


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