Wholesale 0.95ct G SI1 Loose Oval Diamond – Dallas

$3,000.00 $1,600.00

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Code: SD104: Wholesale Oval Diamonds
Diamonds Group:
  • SI1
  • G
  • Oval
Diamonds Group:
  • G
  • SI1 ( Slightly Included )


Best Oval Diamond Prices at Shira Diamonds in Dallas

1 Carat oval halo diamond ring dallas 1Nothing sparkles like a diamond. The effect is truly mesmerizing and most women would love to have at least one in her possession. Forget the commonplace cuts for the time being though and turn your eyes to the fancy cuts that enhance your fingers and go beyond simply adorning your body. You would do well to remember that there have been battles fought over this brilliant stone in the bygone era and most famous diamonds still remain tinged with blood. Yet another interesting feature that makes the oval cut even more commendable is its illusion of size. The diamond looks much bigger than its round shaped counterpart having the same carat weight. Wearing an oval cut diamond ring will also make your fingers look longer, a trait that is highly desirable in today’s world.The length to width ratio happens to be one of the most important aspects of an oval diamond though. You will have to look for a stone between the ratios of 1.35 to 1.5 if you are intent on obtaining a classic oval cut diamond. A number of celebrities prefer the more slender oval shape that looks even more appealing when set as a ring with two smaller stones guarding it on each side. Most purchasers of oval diamonds, however, prefer a bit of warm color instead of total colorlessness of the stone, the price of such a diamond is thus reduced to some extent.

This Oval Diamond is a 0.95ct G SI1 and Selling for $1600.00 . This diamond won’t last since its priced to sell. If you would like to view our diamonds visit us at Shira Diamonds give us a call at 214-466-1776.


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