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Left or Right? The Right Finger for Engagement Rings

The last thing you would want to happen in your engagement party or during a proposal is not knowing which one is the engagement finger where you’ll slip the ring.

It cannot be very comfortable to ask this question after the ring’s out in the open.

That’s why Shira Diamonds is here to answer to tell you which finger it will be and ensure that you won’t be anxious wearing the ring.

The Engagement Finger: A Matter Of Culture

In Western cultures, people traditionally designate the left ring finger for an engagement ring.

This designation was started by the Romans. Back then, they believed that this finger had a vein that connected to the heart.

This vein was called the vena amoris, or “vein of love”. This meant that anything close to the vein will be close to the heart. Putting a ring on it would be considered as a symbol of everlasting love.

Of course, not all cultures follow the same belief.

Some parts of Africa wear ornate beads instead of rings. And the colors of these beads signify that a woman is engaged.

In China, the engagement ring is just one part of the picture, as they have other traditions to display an engagement between couples.

Interestingly, men wear engagement rings alongside women in Chile and Sweden.

Other countries dislike the ring’s placement on the left hand. Many believed it to be a sign of misfortune.

Countries like India, Germany, Norway, and Russia wear their engagement rings on their right hand instead.

A Brief Right-Hand Moment

Which Finger For Engagement Rings Fitness Expo 300x200, Shira DiamondsBefore a wedding ceremony, women move their engagement ring to their right hand.

This frees up space on the left hand for the wedding ring. It is the exchange that symbolizes the strength of the wedding union.

After the ceremony, the engagement ring is then placed on top of the wedding band.

This method, while traditional, is no longer followed by many couples. In recent years, the popularity of joined rings can change the engagement and wedding ring’s position.

In other cultures, giving other objects other than rings to signify engagement and marriage is practiced.

Indian weddings have the bride and groom exchange flower garlands symbolizing acceptance. In some Hindu cultures, the women are given toe rings to wear.

Placing An Engagement Ring In The Middle Finger

Wearing your engagement ring on your ring finger is not mandatory. Some may find it uncomfortable wearing two rings on the same finger, so they transfer one to the middle finger.

Others transfer one ring to the middle finger because they believe it can add more value to the worn ring.

There are other reasons, too:


Which One Is The Engagement Finger Shira Diamonds 300x200, Shira DiamondsSome people often associate astrology with their fingers and ring positions. They interpret the middle finger as Saturn beside the ring finger’s Venus.

Having the engagement finger on the middle finger will attract more cordial relations between the couple. A lot of people also like that having the rings side-by-side symbolizes a connected and whole marriage.


While rare, some feel discomfort when wearing both rings on one finger. To help compensate, they place the engagement ring on the middle finger.

This still retains a connection to the wedding finger, thus keeping a connection to the heart. However, one must get the ring resized to avoid discomfort.


With the middle finger being the center, it symbolizes balance in a relationship. It can also mean structure and organization.

According to some psychology studies, the middle finger is the best finger to show off a ring. Some books about the mystics also associate the middle finger with fate.

It Is All Preference

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsUltimately, the choice of where to wear an engagement ring boils down to preference.

Most have grown up to believe the traditional methods in their culture, and they apply them.

However, no one can stop you from placing the ring on whichever finger you want.

If you want to wear the engagement ring on your right hand, then you can do so. Some people wear their rings on different hands, and it has not posed a problem.

Some countries have the engagement ring on the right hand as a regular thing. Some don’t even have rings at all.

The most important thing is to keep the ring in pristine condition and your relationship strong.

Wearing the ring all the time can lead to damage like scratches or disfigurement.

Remove it before doing any physical activities like exercise or cleaning. It is also advised to remove it before going to sleep.

Hopefully, this clears up which one is the engagement finger.

There is a historical meaning behind the ring finger, but it is not something that needs following. What matters is the moment, the meaning, and the vow behind the ring.

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