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The 5 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

When the movie Titanic was released in 1997, it broke and set so many records of accolades and box office results. In fact, it was the first movie to gross over the billion and mark and to date still remains as one of the top grossing films of all time.

But more than its awards and records, the film is also considered to have influenced pop culture so much that it remains relevant until today.

One of its most impactful elements is the famed “Heart of the Ocean”, a fictional huge blue diamond that was rumored to be based from one of the most expensive diamonds ever, Hope Diamond.

After the tragic love of Jack and Rose and Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, the Heart of the Ocean is probably the most remembered element of the film.

After all, the search for this precious jewelry was the starting point of the whole narrative. So until now, it is heavily referenced.

This is probably because diamond is the most precious gemstone on Earth. A jewel that would shine the most in a sea of stones.

If the Heart of the Ocean was a genuine diamond, it would probably be amongst one of the most expensive diamonds.

But since we’ll be just talking about genuine diamonds, the Titanic diamond is off the list. So in real life, what do you think are the most expensive diamonds in the world and why is this the case?

Most Expensive Diamond Color, Shira Diamonds

What Makes a Diamond Expensive?

Diamonds are forever.

This is only logical because apart from being the hardest material on earth, it is subjectively the most beautiful and expensive jewelries you can own. So if you own, consider yourself lucky.

Blogs, reviews, and conversations would often mention how expensive the stone is. But is this really the case? Yes and no.

Yes because when compared to other gemstones, it is relatively pricier.

But for the average American, it is not impossible for you to own one. There are cheaper diamond rings and necklaces available in the market especially nowadays.

But what makes diamonds expensive?

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  • Carat: What Is The Heaviest or Biggest Diamond Ever Found?

    The weight or size of the diamond stone is the biggest factor that contributes to its overall price and value. This is of course measured by carat. The more carat it has, the heavier it will be, and the more expensive it will get.

    If you happen to read news about celebrities getting engaged, there is a very high chance that you would read about the engagement ring involved, and its carat value.

    Well who wouldn’t be interested in that anyway? The weight of the diamond is relative to its size, the heavier it is, the bigger it will be.

    To date, the largest and heaviest rough diamond to be found is the Cullinan Diamond, also called the Star of Africa.

    It originally weighed 3, 106.75 carats before it was cut into smaller pieces.

  • Color: What Color Diamond is the Rarest and Most Expensive?

    Apart from its weight, color is also a big factor in determining the price of a diamond stone.

    Universally, the quality of color is based on the very absence of color itself. Basically, if it appears colorless and almost without a hue of color in it, it would be more expensive.

    In short, colorless is the most expensive diamond color.

    But this is not always the case because rarer colors would also be almost as expensive as the colorless. According to researchers, red diamond is the rarest color of diamond.

    The GIA rates the color quality of diamond from D-Z, with D being the clearest and purest. Diamonds that would appear as colorless would fall under the bracket of D, E, and F diamonds.

  • Clarity: What are Blemishes?

    A diamond is also graded based on its clarity. The clarity is determined by how pure the stone will appear to the naked eyes and or when viewed under an equipment.

    Because diamonds are made naturally deep in the Earth, it is only natural that some blemishes would appear on it.

    These blemishes may include dirt and burn in the stone itself. The absence or lesser appearance of these would result in a higher value. If a stone appears to be very pure even when viewed under a loupe or any magnifying device, the more expensive it will be.

  • Cut: What are the Popular Cuts of Diamonds?

    The fourth factor that also makes up the 4Cs of diamond quality grade is the cut.

    The process of cutting a diamond is extremely delicate and complicated thus some cut shapes are more expensive than others.

    Some of the popular shapes specifically in rings are round, oval, emerald, princess cut, and asscher cut.

    In some ways, the cut can also contribute to the size appearance of the stone even if the stones in question are equal in carat.

    For example, a round 1 carat diamond may appear bigger than an asscher cut because the latter has many step cut facets.

  • Other factors

    Apart from the 4Cs, some factors include market demand and rarity. The high demand for the stone will of course influence the market price especially when you would see influential people wearing it in public.

Most Expensive Diamond In The World, Shira Diamonds

What are Some of the Most Expensive Diamonds in the World?

Blogs and sites would render you conflicting data when you search for this list as some of the stones haven’t been really “out” in the public.

However, these are the oftenly recurring on the lists.

1. Koh-ih-Noor or Mountain of Light
This diamond or set of diamonds is owned by the British Monarchy. Its actual value remains a mystery but is said to be in billions of dollars.

2. The Cullinan
As the largest rough diamond to be ever found, it is not surprising that it is also one of the most expensive even when it was cut into several pieces. Collectively, the value can potentially reach a billion dollars.

3. Hope Diamond
This is arguably one of the most popular diamonds in the world. It is presently valued at $350 million.

4. De Beers Centenary Diamond
This diamond is considered as one of the purest and most flawless diamonds in the world. It is valued at around $100 million.

5. The Orange Diamond
The Orange is said to be once in a lifetime diamond because of its rare vivid orange color and size. It is estimated to be valued at.

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