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Marquise Diamond Dallas

Marquise Diamond | 0.72ct G SI1 | $1300.00 | Wholesale Diamonds Dallas

Marquise Cut Diamonds Shira Diamonds In Dallas Texas 7 1, Shira DiamondsThe marquise cut diamond is a football-shaped, modified brilliant-cut. Because the marquise diamond is long and narrow, it can also create the illusion of greater size. Carat for carat, the marquise diamond has one of the largest surface areas of any diamond shape, making it a good choice when trying to maximize perceived size. more on marquise diamond.

The marquise engagement ring originated from France. King Louis XIV of France first ordered a diamond to be cut in the shape of the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. This is where this type of ring got its name. During the 18th century, the French were fans of giving engagement rings. Those who want to experiment on going for different kinds of engagement rings go for the marquise engagement rings. This had become a choice gift set for brides as well because of its classic designs that has elegance because of its elongated shape. Because of its cut, it gives off an eccentric optical illusion.

What’s great about the marquise engagement ring is it offers a more affordable alternative to the princess cut and round cut engagement rings. Determining the amount of budget that you are willing to spend on your marquise engagement ring should be the primary step in looking for the right one that you want to buy for your fiancée. If you are looking for extra special marquise engagement rings, you can go for financing options by using your credit card, going for a personal loan, or looking for layaway options from the reputable jewelry stores.Marquise Cut Diamonds Shira Diamonds In Dallas Texas 8 1, Shira Diamonds

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Wholesale Engagement Rings 8, Shira Diamonds

Best Wholesale Marquise Diamond Prices in Dallas, Texas
The next thing to do is to decide the size of the marquise stone. You should be able to determine the size of the stone and the size of the band as well. The good thing is the marquise cut comes in a lot of sizes so you are sure to find the size that fits your budget. You can customize the ring by going for a small ring and a thin band so the marquise-cut diamond won’t look so small. For acceptable sizes, you can consult your jeweler to find the right one for you.

Once you have selected the size of the marquise stone, you can now check for the four Cs of the stone which is the clarity, cut, carat and color. These four Cs can easily determine if the price that has been set for the marquise stone is truly worth it. You can also ask a jeweler to inspect the diamond closely for any sign of flaws.

The next thing to consider is the setting of the diamond to the band. If you want to go for a marquise ring, it is recommended to go for more than 2 prongs so you are sure that the diamond is firmly placed on the band.

Because of the French feel of the marquise engagement ring, it can give a French ambiance to any European setting, and engaging with this ring will definitely make your lady feel like you are proposing while you’re in France! Go for the marquise engagement ring for its elegance and unique feel, and also so you can have more savings on your engagement ring budget. Go to your trusted jewelry store and find the perfect marquise engagement ring today!

Wholesale Diamonds Dallas

Shira Diamonds Dallas the BEST wholesale diamond prices in Dallas

Open to the Public selling loose wholesale diamonds since 2018!

Shira Diamonds Dallas is one of the leading Diamond Dealers in Dallas, Texas. With over 20 years selling to retail jewelry stores and diamond wholesalers Shira Diamonds has decided to go directly to the public! Instead of waiting on a Jewelry store to pay us we decided to go directly to you. We get paid on time and you the end consumer get the BEST DIAMOND PRICE!

We believe in taking care of our customers for life! We are not a huge chain jewelry store, or a mom and pop store. We have an office located at 18333 Preston Rd suite 215 in Dallas, Texas 75252. All of our diamonds are conflict free and come with an appraisal and diamond certification. We don’t advertise on billboards, radio stations, signs, and pay per click ads. This is one of the main reasons we can keep our wholesale diamond prices low. Remember who pays for all the radio ads and billboards! It’s the customers!

Shira Diamonds Dallas in Dallas, Texas provide the private closed loose wholesale diamond purchasing experience to you the retail consumer. With our extensive loose diamond selection, the BEST wholesale diamond prices, diamond studs and custom diamond rings designs, we deliver an unparalleled diamond and jewelry buying experience. We are located in Dallas, Texas at the corner of Frankford and Preston Rd. Give us a call today or text at 214-707-1182 to view our large selection of loose wholesale diamonds. As an online diamond wholesaler, we save on overhead costs incurred by traditional retailers, so called wholesalers, diamond brokers and we pass those savings on to you. With over twenty years experience in the wholesale diamond industry, Shira Diamonds Dallas provides the service expected from a fine jewelry retailer while offering competitive wholesale diamond pricing.
Traditional retail stores overhead expenses can be greater than the wholesale cost of the diamond itself and these are extra expenses that consumers have to pay for but cannot wear out of the store. The question is do you really want to pay 50% to 100% more than our prices for the privilege of shopping in a lavishly decorated retail jewelry store. We keep overhead expenses extremely low and pass the savings on to you. Our prices are a fraction of discounted retail sales prices. We help you hold on to your hard earned money and still get a big beautiful diamond engagement ring.
Custom Halo Engagement Rings Dallas Texas 10, Shira Diamonds

Everyone in Dallas is hooked up with our diamonds listed on a website search! If you compare our diamond search compared to everyones website in Dallas, Texas we are the ONLY different one because we actually own our diamonds. About 99.9% of the diamond dealers in Dallas, Texas are really not wholesalers! If you would like to view our diamonds and rings please give us a call or text at 214-707-1182. All of our diamonds are certified by GIA, EGL, EGLUSA, HRD, and AGS.

Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Wholesale Diamonds
Traditionally, natural, earth-produced diamonds have been seen as the way to go for engagement rings. Natural diamonds are beautiful, from the earth, and timeless. There are a number of major retailers where you can get quality diamonds for expensive prices.

Not to mention, diamonds purchased in store are often sold at an up to 50 percent markup-compared to online, so it makes sense to take advantage of online shopping.

In terms of pricing, the cost of a natural diamond can vary considerably. They’re priced according to the four C’s—cut, clarity, color, and carat. Even with the discounts for shopping online, diamonds can be very expensive. The average American pays around $5,500 for an engagement ring. This leads many prospective husbands and wives to consider alternatives, including lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are a fairly new phenomenon, which are man-made in one of two ways: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). Their quality is pretty good, and is increasing with time. But don’t be fooled. To the untrained eye, they’re indistinguishable, but to experts, a lab-grown diamond can be spotted almost immediately.

Like natural diamonds, they’re priced according to the four C’s. But they’re also considerably cheaper—up to 30 percent lower than their natural counterparts.

Unlike natural diamonds though, the quantity being produced is increasing, meaning the market isn’t capped in any way which undermines long-term price stability.
Labratory Grown Diamond Machine, Shira Diamonds
In summary, there are 5 that you should consider while buying a diamond, including diamond shape, carat weight, cut, clarity, color, and certification. These are the most important factors that affect the price of a diamond. Please see below summarized information about each of these seven factors.

Shape is how the diamond looks, cut refers to the quality of the craftsmanship in which it was cut for a particular shape such as a round cut or an oval cut. The shape of a diamond affects the price because certain shapes needs bigger rough stones than others. For example, a round shape stone is 20-30% more expensive than a princess or cushion shape stone because it would takes (as a guess) a 2 carat rough to make a perfect 1 carat round brilliant cut shaped stone as opposed to a 1.5 carat rough to make a cushion modified brilliant cut diamond (a round 1ct. is 6.5mm in diameter, and a 1ct. princess is roughly 5.5mm in diameter). Because of this reason, round shaped diamonds tend to be higher in price than any other shape diamonds.

Once you determine what shape diamond you want, the next step is determine how big you want the diamond to be; diamonds are weighed in carats, and each carat is 200 milligram or 0.2 gram. The price of a diamond tends to jump as soon as it reaches a full carat, and the bigger the stone, the higher its price by multiple times because larger stones are rare (more scarce). For example, all other factors being equal, a 2 carat diamond would cost you three to four times the price of a 1ct. and not just double the price of a 1ct because a 2ct is more scarce to mine than a 1ct. (scarcity plays a major role in how the prices of diamonds are determined). As a tip, if you want to save some money, buying say a 1.9ct. might be much cheaper than a full 2ct. because the price jumps significantly once the diamond reach a full carat range.

The cut of a diamond is absolutely critical, and it is the only C the outcome of which is determined by us, human beings, and the quality of our craftsmanship. The cut of a diamond is very technical and there are number of factors that needs to be considered while evaluating a diamond. GIA assigns a cut grade to round diamonds, but they do not have a standard grading system yet for fancy cut stones such as an oval cut diamond, and therefore, do not assign cut grades to them. The good news is that we have published detailed articles about each shape diamond and how you should assess their cut. Please refer to these articles for assessing the cut of a stone you are considering. Three important points to be taken into consideration about the cut are 1) even in GIA excellent cut round diamonds, there is a way to differentiate between an excellent cut diamond and what we refer to as a “super ideal cut” diamond, and the only you can tell the difference is if you are able read their proportions and determine what ideal proportions are (read our proportions article); 2) in both round and fancy cut stones, the depth and table are the most important factors while determining the quality of a cut followed by the size of the girdle, culet, crown angle, and pavilion. Length to width ratios are also important in fancy cut stones; and 3) dealers tend to cut stones deep in order to save the rough stones, so avoid a stone that has high depth. In the manner, a diamond that has a big table is also not recommended because it won’t have optimal fire and brilliance.

Color in diamonds is the second most important C after cut as it affects the whole diamond, not a particular spot which is often the case with clarity. Color refers to the presence of yellowish hue or tint in a white diamond, and is graded from grade D (colorless) to grade Z (light yellow). D-F grades are considered colorless, G-J are near colorless (however, there is a big difference between G and J color), K to M grades are Faint Yellow, N to R are very light yellow, and S to Z grades are light yellow. Our recommendations would be to go for E-F for investment purposes, G is an excellent color for both investment purposes as well as for maximizing your budget, and H/I are good budget options with J being the lowest we would recommend unless you like some yellowish tint in your diamond in which case go for a very high clarity and K-N color grade diamond.

The clarity of a diamondis important because it has a direct effect on the brilliance of the stone. If a stone is full of inclusions, the stone won’t sparkle and will luck luster, fire, and scintillation. The diamond industry has developed a very sophisticated system for grading the clarity of a diamond; it ranges from Flawless (FL) as the highest and Included 3 (I3) as the lowest clarity grade. FL and IF (Internally Flawless) are flawless grades. Very Very Slightly Included 1 (VVS1) and VVS2 are almost flawless clarity grades. Very Slightly Included 1 (VS1) and VS2 are after VVS2 and are also often considered as eye clean diamonds. Slightly Included (SI1) and SI2 are at the lower end of high quality diamonds and are often eye clean in under 1ct. diamonds. In above, 1 carat, the inclusions have to be white non-crystal type inclusions and spread out across the diamond in order for the diamond to be considered an eye clean in SI1 grade. Included 1 (I1) to I3 are the lowest clarity grade diamonds. In our opinion, VVS/VS1 are excellent investment grade diamonds, VS2 is excellent from both an investment and budget perspective, and SI1/SI2 needs great due diligence in above 1 carat diamond in order to ensure that the inclusions do not affect the diamond’s brilliance and the stone is eye clean.

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