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Wholesale Heart Diamonds in Dallas, Texas : 1 Carat F SI2 GIA Certified $2900.00

Wholesale Heart Diamonds Dallas

Shira Diamonds Dallas – Wholesale Diamonds & Custom Engagement Rings

Heart Diamonds Shira Diamonds Dallas 3, Shira DiamondsLooking for certified GIA heart diamonds in Dallas, Texas? At Shira Diamonds Dallas we offer wholesale diamonds with real wholesale diamond prices. this heart cut diamond is a 1 carat F SI2 GIA Certified. If you would like to view our loose diamonds please call 214-466-1776. We have 100s of loose diamonds in stock. This heart diamond is selling for $2900.00 1 Carat F SI2 GIA Certified.

It might help to check out the reputed jewelry stores in Dallas and elsewhere that specialize in fancy cut diamonds when you are keen on a heart cut stone. The symmetry of the diamond is all important here else the shape will not resemble a heart at all. 59 facets happen to be the standard for a heart shaped diamond but the number of lower facets may vary sharply from diamond to diamond.It also pays to check the quality of the diamond when looking for a heart cut. A flat diamond will look dull and the entire purpose of purchasing a heart diamond as a romantic gift gets lost here. Again, a small diamond below 50 carat weight will be inconsequential as the shape will not be etched out well especially when the stone is set in prongs. The small sized heart diamonds of 50 carats or slightly more look better in bezel or a three pronged setting that accentuates the shape of a heart clearly. The length to width ratio of a classic heart shaped diamond is usually 1.0 but many individuals prefer a narrower heart with the ratio wavering between 1.05 to 1.15. Most solitaire rings, however, have a wider heart diamond embedded in the setting.

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