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Custom Semi Mount Diamond Rings

Custom Semi Mount Diamond Rings & Engagement Rings at Shira Diamonds DallasCustom%20Diamond%20Rings%20in%20Dallas%20texas, Shira Diamonds

Custom Semi Mount Diamond Rings Dallas 3, Shira Diamonds

The ”
mounting” of an engagement ring is the process of setting the focal diamond into the ring. The A Semi Mount Ring is a ring without the center Diamond/Gem.

Our Semi Mounts are engagement rings beautifully handcrafted to perfection (without the center diamond) so that our clients can choose their ideal diamond and set it on to the Semi Mount Ring which is ready to be worn. Sometimes you find beauty at first sight and the perfect ring has already been ready to be Crowned by the diamond of your choice. ”
semimeans partial or half. A semimount engagement ring, then, is one that is only halfway complete: it lacks the center stone, though the accents and other setting details are finished.

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