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by Richard Ribacoff
Custom Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds

Custom Diamond Rings

When the most special moment is sealed with the most special diamond ring, it creates memories that
last a lifetime. No doubt, an incredible amount of time is dedicated to the process of buying a diamond
ring. Though the choice of a diamond ring is unlimited in any diamond store, very often we wish to
create something unique or something which we had always dreamt of. In all probability it may not be
displayed at the diamond store you are visiting. With the availability of "create your own ring" options
you have the opportunity to play with your imagination to customize a ring that will be uniquely yours.
At first instance, creating a custom diamond ring may seem like an overwhelming task that involves
numerous stages. However, custom design specialists aim at simplifying the process and making it a
hassle-free experience for you.
Follow the steps below to make your dream ring a reality within a short span of time:

Custom Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas with Shira Diamonds

1. Choose a reputable diamond jewelry store in Dallas, Texas:

The first and the most important step is to research
and find a renowned diamond dealer or jeweler which you can blindly trust. Needless to say,
there is no dearth of diamond stores/jewelers around you. It is in your hand to choose the one
that is most authentic. They should be someone who is in the business for a good length of time
and have carved a respectable place for itself in the diamond industry. They should be someone
who is willing to work with you till you are 100% satisfied with the design. In this aspect, you can
ask your friends and family members for suggestions.

2. Share your Design:

The more you interact with the expert, the clearer will be their vision of the
design concept you have in mind. Share every inch of your heart's desire with them to enable
them to create an exact replica of the design you have in mind. Tell them about the type and
size of diamond stone you wish to have and the type of setting and metal that you have in mind.
You can even present before them an image of the ring if you have one.

3. Request a Quote:

Your budget is definitely a matter of great concern, hence, it is advisable that
before you plunge into the next step, you request a price quote from them. Based on the
requirement of your dream ring, the expert at the store will divulge an estimated cost of the
custom design ring. This will enable you to stay within your budget and to make changes in the
design if the need so arises.

4. Development of the Concept:

Once you are comfortable with the price quoted, moving to the
next step will be a smooth ride. The expert will develop the design concept in drawings and
images and help you select the diamond of your choice by enlightening you on the 4 C's.Make
sure that the diamonds are GIA certified and the staff are of GIA Graduate Gemologists. This will
ensure that you get the best diamond and the best service.
In addition, the design of your setting and the metal will also be finalized at this stage. Many a
times, customers choose a setting from the collection of pre-designed settings that are exclusive
of that particular store. Hence, you have the option to either choose a setting from their
collection or ask them to completely create an original design based on the design you have in
mind. Lastly, make sure that the metal you have in mind is something your partner also loves.

5. WaxModel:

Upon finalizing the concept of the design and upon placing the order, the custom
design experts will create a wax or computerized (CAD) model. This will give you a
comprehensive idea of how your custom design ring will look like in reality. The image of the
wax or CAD model will then be sent to you for your approval. At this stage you have the
provision to modify the design if you want.

6. The Finished Piece:

After your approval and 100% satisfaction, the experts will cast your design
in the metal of your choice. Your choice of gemstone is then carefully set by a skilled craftsman.
The finished product is then sent for thorough inspection and quality check before being handed
over to you.
The trend of creating custom design ring has gained momentum over the years. With celebrities
flaunting unique diamond ring on their finger, it has become a craze of sort to go for customized
diamond rings.