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Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas – GIA Certified Products for Every Occasion

New Project 1, Shira DiamondsThere is an ambiguity buzz about wholesale diamonds. Diamond vendors claim to be wholesalers while they are selling diamonds to practically everyone. Is this a marketing trick?

Misconceptions on wholesale diamonds arose with the technical terminology for the word “wholesale”. The word wholesale specifically refers to selling tax-free goods that you bought in large quantities for resale.

To prove that your purchase is an authentic wholesale diamond, the best strategy is to compare the quality and price of the diamond offered to you.

Look for a price that is typically found at wholesale because the source is directly from the manufacturer without the multiple channels of distribution.

Wholesale Diamond Dealers in Dallas

There are several wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas city offering almost the same types and designs of wholesale diamonds. Compare the prices of the most competitive wholesale diamond dealers to give you a clear sense of how you can get a particular diamond with the least markup possible.

Diamond Jewelry Trends in Dallas

Diamonds can be crafted into any jewelry just like other precious stones. The most common pieces of jewelry in Dallas made with diamonds are:

  • Loose diamonds. A diamond ready for sale and is the end product with a rough diamond that came out from the mine. They can be bought for investment purposes or to be mounted on a chosen piece of jewelry like a ring, pendant, or earring.
  • Custom Engagement Rings. Choose your own metal setting where your chosen diamond can be placed. There are a variety of shapes and colors of diamond stones that you can match with your metal setting.
  • Diamond rings. You don’t need to be engaged to own a diamond ring. Owning a diamond ring is a wise investment as the value of diamonds increases through time.
  • Wholesale diamonds. Diamonds that are bought in bulk supplied to retail stores. They can also be sold at a wholesale price.
  • Fine Jewelry. Diamond pieces of jewelry like pendants, earrings, and necklaces

Shira 3 1, Shira DiamondsExperience Dallas

With a diverse community of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds in Dallas, one can always find something exciting and fun to do while hanging out there. Not to mention, visiting the largest urban arts district of the nation.

Even nature offers incredible wonders in its lakes, rivers, wide-open spaces, gorgeous biking and hiking trails, natural landscapes, and even horse trails. There is just so much to experience when you’re in Dallas!

A Home to Many Wonders and Beginnings

Dallas is home to the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, but also to artists, the German chocolate cake, the famous 7-11 convenience store headquarters, the frozen margarita, and 34 Fortune 500 companies.

The State Fair of Texas, which is a celebration of all things Texan in a family-friendly fun entertainment, has been held in Dallas every year since 1886.

Of all the states in the country, Dallas is the largest inland metropolitan area in the U.S. that is not accessible to a body of water. Nevertheless, it is one of the few cities around the world that has a prominent and well-developed transportation infrastructure.

A Hotspot for Diamonds

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings Dallas Texas 4 2, Shira Diamonds

Just as Dallas is home to many wonders and beginnings, you can add exceptional value to your experiences in Dallas with wholesale diamonds.

Beginning a romantic journey on its way to a blissful family and married life can be adorned with a stunning diamond engagement ring.

With almost a hundred diamond stores in Dallas, you should be well-educated on buying wholesale diamonds so you don’t get ripped off and get confused with all the buzz and dazzle.

Online diamond buying has become popular in Dallas.

WP Diamonds reported over a million dollars of total valuation for Diamond items in 2013. They found out about the most popular types of diamonds sold by Dallasites in the local market

Diamond Items Most Popular Among Dallasites

  • Round cut stone
  • Cushion diamonds
  • Oval diamonds
  • H color diamonds
  • SI 1 clarity stones

Diamond Selling in Dallas TX

It is important to note that certified diamonds with a certificate of authenticity will always get a higher price and will be easier to sell.

All the key information should be included in the documents.

Otherwise, GIA trained gemologists will give the best price for the diamond. If you plan to sell your diamond in Dallas, better deal with businesses that have the largest purchasing power and extensive experience so they can offer you more for your diamonds.

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