Solitaire Engagement Rings

Custom Solitaire Diamond Rings at Shira Diamonds Dallas
Every promise needs a seal of approval and an engagement ring is the best evidence that she has said yes. While a simple glittering band made of precious metals serve the purpose well, no girl worth her salt is going to be satisfied unless you give her a diamond preferably a solitaire engagement ring while popping the question. The bigger, the better of course! Why are solitaire diamond rings so important and why do they make excellent cover photos and become the talk of the town when a Hollywood celeb decides to wear one for keeps? Well, you have to go back in time to know the significance here. The solitaire ring holds a single diamond usually known for its
brilliance. The round diamonds apparently possess the best brilliance traditionally therefore making it the most coveted diamond for a solitaire engagement ring. The modern day solitaire was introduced by Tiffany & Co., way back in 1886 and the characteristic six claw setting. It has been known as the Tiffany mount ever since although the solitaire diamond rings have evolved with time too and make use a number of different diamond cuts both traditional as well as fancy at present.

round solitaire diamond engagement ring 1
Remember to consider the diamond first when you are keen on purchasing a solitaire engagement ring for your bride to be. The brilliant stone is going to be the star of the jewelry so you must be prepared for the initial dazzle despite knowing all about the importance of the 4 Cs namely color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.Do stick with the quintessential bridal choice of a round solitaire when looking around for the best shape available, if money is no object. They are simple and draw attention no matter what the setting is. It might be time to scour all the reputable jewelry stores in Dallas or online for picking up a pretty and classic timeless solitaire engagement ring.

Round diamonds also happened to be in vogue hundreds of years ago and you might find an antique sparkler for your fiancée. Luckily, the diamond can be taken out of the old setting and fashioned into a modern one without causing any damage to the dazzling solitaire diamond. You can thus combine an old heirloom with a modern setting and come up with a solitaire engagement ring that proves to be a winner on all counts. You do not have to settle for the traditional Tiffany mount every time though, a bevel setting definitely looks sleeker and will have your romantic bride to be gushing with joy at the prospect of wearing the dazzling solitaire on her left hand for ever.You can also opt for a Princess solitaire engagement ring, if the brilliance of a super expensive round diamond puts you off. It is surely the second favorite when it comes to solitaire engagement rings and the square shape seen face up is definitely an asset as this cut retains 80% of the rough stone. This makes it more affordable and a perfect engagement ring.