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5 Reasons to Invest in Diamonds

Thinking of investing? How about a diamond? This post will help you get started. We’ll be covering the following points:

  • When and where to invest in diamonds
  • The benefits of investing in diamonds and why it’s more essential than investing in bags, shoes or even cars
  • The diamond’s value over time

They say that a woman’s outfit especially to a party is never complete without some bling and sparkle.

A jewelry whether as a necklace, bracelet, ring, among many others is recommended to help accentuate body features while matching the regal clothes.

Most of the time, diamonds are used for this because no stone found on earth will match its brilliance.

Meanwhile, when someone is proposing or will announce an engagement, there is only one thing that people would ask immediately. How big the stone on the engagement ring is.

And when you talk about rings, again, diamonds are the first consideration.

Both of these are associated as the usual events that people use diamonds for.

But there’s one that more people should think of doing that may give them a great benefit in the long run- investing in diamonds.

Investment Grade Diamonds Shira Diamonds E1616493792974, Shira Diamonds

How Do You Invest in Diamonds?

When you talk about investment, you would first think about the stock market.

The usual process of buying and selling stocks to make profit.

This may be the standard way of investing but given the very volatile market especially in a crisis like a pandemic, others are finding other ways to invest.

Investing in physical or tangible objects is not a new concept.

You have probably heard about people buying luxury bags and cars saying that these are great investments. This is no different from investing in diamonds.

There have been a lot of debates whether investing in jewelries is profitable in the long run.

But the truth is, in past, present, and future generations, there will always be a sizable proportion of the world’s population that is very much into buying and owning jewels like diamonds.

So logically, there will always be a market for diamond buyers and collectors. That is why diamonds might be a good investment for you.

Investment-Grade Diamonds

While it is true that diamonds can be a really good investment. You are not exactly there yet.

Like any form of investment, the slope can be pretty tricky. But of course there is always a workaround for this.

Investment in diamonds for sale doesn’t mean you can just buy any diamond stone you want.

There are standards in terms of what kind and quality of the diamond stone might be the best fit for an investment. This concept is called investment grade diamonds.

Investment-grade diamonds are those stones that are considered in the highest standard.

Investment Diamonds For Sale Shira Diamonds, Shira DiamondsThis relates to the 4Cs of diamond quality as set by the GIA. The 4Cs being cut, clarity, color, and carat.

In terms of color and clarity, investment-grade diamonds which you can buy in Shira Diamonds are those considered to be very rare.

Call us for more information about investment diamonds for sale.

The clearer the purer the stone is, the higher quality it will be. Likewise, rare colors of diamonds include red, blue, and pink diamonds of high grades.

Meanwhile, the cut and carat will also factor in whether a diamond is a good investment.

The rarer and complex the process of cutting is, the better the chances of its value appreciating in time.

Why Should You Invest in Diamonds?

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsSaying that investing in diamonds is a good investment is not just an abstract concept.

There are actual and valid reasons for this.

  1. Diamonds are tangible or physical assets.

    Diamonds are physical objects that you can see, hold, feel, and even smell.

    An asset that has all the aforementioned can give you a sense of assurance that it will always be there.

    Plus, unlike bags and cars, diamonds don’t take up much space. You can even keep it safe in secured places like a safety box

  2. Investment on diamond is inflation proof.

    Unlike the very volatile stock market that can go up and down within minutes, the diamond trade and investment are relatively safe from economical and political changes.

    This can give another form of assurance that no matter what happens, the stone will still hold its value.

  3. Hardest naturally occurring mineral on Earth.

    Thanks to its carbon composition and millions to billions of years formation, diamonds are known to be the hardest substance on Earth.

    This is a great benefit because the stones are durable and not prone to any damages.

    Unlike other jewel minerals, diamonds do not rust and have a very miniscule chance of oxidizing.

    So you can sleep calmly and peacefully at night knowing that you have a high quality investment.

  4. Appreciating value.

    Diamond Investment Shira Diamonds E1616495711928 1024x622, Shira DiamondsAs mentioned, there have been debates about whether diamonds appreciate or depreciate in value over time.

    Some diamond stones of less grade may depreciate. But this will not immediately happen. It might not even happen in your lifetime.

    Furthermore, if you choose diamond stones of investment-grade and top quality, there is a very high chance of value appreciation.

  5. Flexible jewel.

    Whether you want a necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, headband, or even a scepter, a diamond stone can be used.

    A huge pendant diamond you have in possession may be cut into smaller pieces. You may use a part of it to have a ring or maybe have it used as a pendant for another necklace.

    So by cutting stones and making more articles of jewelries, you will definitely profit more.


Start Investing in Diamonds

The pros and cons of investing diamonds will always be present.

Treat it like the very nature of investment itself. When you’re in the diamond industry, the risks will always be there.

But overall given the options that you can do to avoid risks, maybe investing in diamonds is a great choice.

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