Elegant Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Texas by Shira Diamonds

Custom Engagement rings in Texas
Create memories, evoke emotions, and be inspired by the fine jewelry collection at Shira Diamonds in Texas. Our curated collection is hand-selected and cut at our diamond facility in Israel to feature responsibly sourced diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals in designs by sought-after and emerging designers. Our GIA Certified Gemologists will give you the confidence to choose the perfect engagement ring or wedding band, or partner with our master jeweler to design the most exquisite custom piece.

Browse our collections of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, engagement rings, custom diamond rings for men and women online, or visit our Wholesale Jewelry Store in Texas.

Shira Diamonds only works with the finest equipment for cutting diamonds. We have a wide variety of loose diamonds, (Certified GIA) diamond studs, and the BEST diamond prices. We are TRUE wholesale diamond dealers and custom diamond engagement ring designers. We are now open to the public in Texas.

We have all types of loose diamonds, diamond studs, custom diamond engagement rings, round diamonds, princess diamonds, cushion diamonds, and other fancy shapes. Shira Diamonds in Texas provide the private closed loose wholesale diamond purchasing experience to you the retail consumer. With our extensive loose diamond selection, wholesale diamond prices, diamond studs, and custom diamond rings designs, we deliver an unparalleled diamond and jewelry buying experience. We are located in Texas at 18333, Preston Rd Suite 215 Dallas, Texas 75252.

Custom Diamond Rings in Dallas texas

Why Choose Shira Diamonds Texas as your Custom Engagement Ring Designer?

As an online diamond wholesaler, we save on overhead costs incurred by traditional retailers, so called diamond wholesalers, diamond brokers and we pass those savings to you. With over twenty years of experience in the wholesale diamond industry, Shira Diamonds provides the service expected from a fine jewelry retailer while offering competitive wholesale diamond pricing. Traditional retail stores overhead expenses can be greater than the wholesale cost of the diamond itself and these are extra expenses that consumers have to pay for but cannot wear out of the store.

The question is do you really want to pay 50% to 100% more than our prices for the privilege of shopping in a lavishly decorated retail jewelry store. We keep overhead expenses extremely low and pass the savings on to you. Our prices are a fraction of discounted retail sales prices. We help you hold on to your hard-earned money and still get a big beautiful engagement ring.
Custom diamond jewelers in Texas

Customize Your Diamond Engagement Rings Here at Shira Diamonds

Shira Diamonds is proud to offer custom designer engagement rings to our Texas customers. To create custom engagement rings, we can place our loose stones in designer settings, and our certified custom jewelers can help shoppers navigate the many intricacies of selecting and purchasing a gorgeous, quality stone. Our impressive selection includes brilliant diamonds in many different cuts and shapes, including:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Square
  • Emerald
  • Marquise

Whether you and your fiancée are shopping together and know just the type of diamond engagement ring you want or you are interested in creating a custom ring for a surprise proposal, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect engagement ring. You can enjoy browsing our inventory on your own, and our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates will always be ready to answer questions and provide guidance as you need. We maintain a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at our showroom, and our goal is make sure your shopping experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

For more information about our designer ring settings or loose diamonds, contact us today. We’re happy to create customized engagement rings!