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Top 5 Reasons To Design Your Own Custom Diamond Ring

You want a diamond ring that matches your unique personality and quirks, but it can be impossible to find one from ready-made rings you can find in stores and online. If you can’t settle for less, it’s time to consider getting a custom diamond ring.

Don’t feel guilty if you think that you’re getting too fussy about choosing a ring. It’s normal.

You might not know it, but there are other five reasons to design your own ring, and they may help you decide to go through the path of customization.

1. It’s Not As Expensive As You Think

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsPeople associate ring customization with an expensive service.

Know that you have full control of how much the service and the ring will cost.

Here are the three main factors that can dictate your customized ring’s price.

Metal: the type of metal you’ll choose will influence the price of the ring.

If you want an affordable one, choose 14k gold. If you’re allergic to common metals, you can choose platinum or palladium but expect a hefty price tag.

Stone: lab-grown stones are cheaper than mined ones. To avoid overspending, you can always replace the stone you want with a similar-looking one.

For example, instead of using white sapphire, you can choose a lab-grown diamond.

Aside from the source of the stone, the grade will also affect the price of the ring.

Design: A designer that can exactly replicate the unique design you request will cost more than a designer who’ll create your design based on common cuts and design diamond ring settings.

Actually you can choose from the top ten diamond ring designers.

Flash Created Diamond Shira Diamonds, Shira Diamonds

2. Have Heirlooms Live On In New Designs

Family heirlooms will always have a place in our hearts, and you would want to wear them as much as possible. However, they don’t often fit current trends and styles.

Instead of keeping them stashed for decades or buying a new one to wear during certain occasions, you could tweak their designs a bit for them to complement your fashion sense.

Some people take the customization of their heirlooms too far. In some cases, they request the old metals from their heirlooms be melted down and used for the new design they want.

We don’t recommend that since metals weaken as you melt them repeatedly.

Aside from that, melted and reconstructed metal will depreciate the original value of your jewelry.

If you want to make the metal parts of your ring look more pristine, we would instead recommend selling the old metal and replacing it with new metal.

Doing so will reduce the cost of your customized ring and speed up the customization process.

3. Time Saver

People can spend days to weeks searching for the right ring. They browse through hundreds of designs and end up frustrated.

They could’ve just spent the time driving and browsing around, working to save up for a customized ring.

Custom designs will help you save time and effort. Spend that energy to create something that fits your vision instead of looking around. It’s a lot more convenient, and you can focus on other things after you’ve decided on a design.

4. Create Your Dream Ring

Custom flash created diamond rings have no restrictions, and you can build one that fits your style. You can apply symbolism, text, or a radical design to incorporate in your diamond ring.

As regular people who don’t have a few million dollars in their bank accounts, this opportunity may only come once or twice. It’s an opportunity to give yourself or your partner the dream ring you deserve.

5. Assurance In Quality

Design Diamond Ring Settings Shira Diamonds 295x300, Shira DiamondsBuying a pre-remade piece of jewelry has some risk involved. For example, you may pay a fortune for a low-quality diamond because the metal parts covering it will prevent you from examining the stone.

In addition, there are price differences to consider. A 1-carat diamond ring can cost more in one store than another, but the price isn’t reflective of the actual value.

You can’t even be sure that you’re getting accurate information about the stone or ring from the store as they can be too profit-driven and would do everything to sell you anything.

You won’t need to go through all of that if you order a customized ring. You know what you’re paying for since you’re in control from the start. You know the final product and the value of the materials that make up the piece.

Now that you’re aware of the five reasons to design your own ring, you can have more confidence when pursuing this path.

These reasons will give you a lot more freedom to get what you want. You don’t need to worry or feel guilty.

The important thing here is you’ll have the dream diamond ring you have always wanted.

Know more about diamonds at Shira Diamonds.

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