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How Safe is Buying Diamonds Online?

Buying a diamond can be overwhelming with all the options out there in the market—from shape to size to design.

Even if you ask the experts, you will still be offered not only one, but several pieces to choose from.

Buying diamonds online can even be more challenging.

With the ever-increasing demand for digital marketing to upscale businesses to reach more customers, online retailers may offer great prices, but you will have to ascertain that they are great deals.

Finding the right diamond for your taste and budget can get complicated with all the considerations you have to know so that you can truly buy one of high quality.

You just wouldn’t want your investment to go to waste.

What will give you the confidence to click the “Buy Now” button when you’re pursuing a diamond gem online?

Let’s learn the ropes.


The 4Cs established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the universal benchmarks by which all diamonds are judged of their quality.

Understanding the 4Cs of diamond quality is basic knowledge to help you grasp a diamond’s value and price.

Learning it will relieve you from doubt and help guide your diamond purchase. It is wise that when you buy diamonds online, you should know exactly what you are buying and look for the specifics on the 4Cs, NOT a range.

  • Cut
    A diamond cut refers to the proportion and arrangement of its facets and quality of workmanship that determines the gem’s brilliance, sparkle, and fire.
  • Color
    The less color in a diamond gem, the more desirable and valuable it is because the colorless diamonds are the rarest.
  • Clarity
    Clarity determines the amount, size, and placement of internal ‘inclusions’, and external ‘blemishes’, which are the technical terms for imperfections in a piece of diamond gem.
  • Carat
    Carat is a diamond’s physical weight measured in metric carats.  It is the most objective grade of the 4Cs.

Shop smart online by choosing an online diamond seller that is an American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler and that sells GIA-certified diamonds.

You will feel confident in buying diamonds online knowing that your chosen jeweler is qualified to describe the 4Cs of your diamond.

Best Place To Buy Diamonds Online, Shira Diamonds

Independent Grading Report

A high-quality and authentic diamond comes with an independent grading report which provides an unbiased analysis of the diamond’s 4Cs from an independent third-party diamond laboratory for the consumer.

You can verify the report details on Report Check for those provided by GIA and on a Verification page for a grading report given by AGS.

This will help you check that the information on your diamond conforms with the information stored on the GIA and AGS databases.

The independent grading report of a diamond is a very convenient way to make sure that the product description of the diamond you consider buying online matches the grading results of GIA and AGS.

Laser Inscription on a diamond

A diamond’s grading report number from GIA and AGS is inscribed on a diamond for added security.

Sometimes it is inscribed before it is offered for sale or you can request it to be done at the time of purchase.

You can also add a personal message or symbol for identification.
This microscopic inscription that is viewable only under 10X magnification is noted on the diamond’s GIA and AGS report.

This gives security that your diamond you bought online matched the report issued for it.

Know Your Diamond Online Seller

How will you know that the online diamond vendor is NOT a scammer?

Even if it is a hundred percent safe to shop for diamonds online, you should still do your homework.

If you don’t select a reputable vendor, it will be challenging to find your choice of beautiful diamond gemstone at an excellent price.

The best place to buy diamonds online is Shira Diamonds. We offer GIA-certified wholesale diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Online Diamond Shopping, Shira Diamonds

Online Shopping for Diamonds: Taking the Smart Steps

After you have knowledge about diamonds that gives you the confidence to determine the specific qualities you are looking for, here are a few checks GIA advised to do on the company you’re considering buying diamonds online from:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What kind of reviews has the company received?
  • Does it belong to any jewelry trade association? These Associations often have ethical guidelines that members have to meet.
  • Do they offer secure transactions?
  • What is the return policy?
  • Where is the seller located?
  • How will the diamond be shipped? Is the shipment insured? Is a signature required for delivery?
  • Check for feedback and ratings from buyers that will determine if the seller is providing sufficient evidence of the quality of the diamond you are purchasing like photographs, a grading report, or a report number that can be verified.

In addition to the above checks, the best place to buy diamonds online should offer an excellent diamond selection, competitive prices, good quality imagery, and great customer experience.

Research on online diamond vendors and consider the key differences between them to see their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Getting a Good Deal When Buying Diamonds Online

Your objective in buying a piece of diamond gemstone differs qualitatively from a dealer’s objective.

It should be to get the best value from your specific requirements and the price of the diamond gem.

Online retailers and wholesalers can offer lower prices compared to brick-and-mortar diamond sellers.

They can give you a wide selection of diamond pieces to choose from with your requirement and in most cases, engagement rings are 30-40% cheaper online.
The reason for the cheaper price is that of the way the diamonds are sold and distributed.

Most online diamond vendors offer an excellent return policy so you don’t have to worry if you don’t want the diamond that was delivered to you.

Shipping is also secured with insurance on all packages with options to be delivered at your doorstep or for a safe pick up from the store’s partner shipping location.

A Better and Smarter Choice of Buying Diamonds Online

The benefits of buying diamonds online are just too good to pass up — lower prices, more options to choose from, insured shipping, extensive online reviews, less pressure when you’re browsing, and the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere.

So do your research and follow the guidelines above for a stress-free, secure, and smart online diamond shopping.

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