4ct Loose Heart Cut Diamond D IF – Dallas, TX

$86,000.00 $60,000.00

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Code: SD-0403: Loose Heart Diamond
Diamonds Group:
  • IF
  • D
  • Heart
Diamonds Group:
  • D
  • Internally Flawless ( IF )


Loose Heart Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

Heart Diamonds Shira Diamonds DallasLooking for a 4 Carat Internally Flawless Diamond in Dallas, Texas? At Shira Diamonds we offer quality diamonds and certified diamonds. If you would like to view our engagement rings please call or text 214-466-1776.

It is not a classic cut though and is defined as a modified brilliant cut or a revised oval diamond by the connoisseurs. Despite being shaped as a heart, this diamond is not very popular when set in an engagement ring nor does it hold much appeal as part of the wedding jewelry set. The heart cut is instead used for less formal occasions and make excellent gifts on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries and birthdays. The heart cut also looks better when fashioned into a pendant or necklace and matching ear rings rather than a ring. Promise rings, however, are an exception where a brilliant sparkling heart diamond is usually found in the form of a solitaire.


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