GIA Certified 1.03ct Round Cut Diamond G VS2 – Irving, TX

$7,500.00 $5,970.00

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Code: SD-0440: Round Diamonds Irving
Diamonds Group:
  • VS2
  • G
  • Round
Diamonds Group:
  • G
  • VS2 ( Very Slight Included )


GIA Certified Round Cut Diamond Irving, Texas
Custom Diamond Rings in Dallas texasRound_Diamonds_Shira-Diamonds_Dallas_Texas_1an0-vaLooking for GIA Certified diamonds in Irving, Texas? At Shira Diamonds we offer wholesale diamonds and custom diamond rings directly to the public. This round 1 carat diamond is certified by GIA. This diamond is certified G VS2 and priced to sell at $3900.00. If you would like to view our wholesale diamonds please give us a call or text at 214-466-1776.

The round diamond is the most popular diamond shape, representing approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. Due to the mechanics of its shape, the round diamond is generally superior to fancy diamond shapes at the proper reflection of light, maximizing potential brightness.

Virtually all round diamonds are brilliant-cut, meaning they have 58 facets (57 when there is no culet).

Round diamonds cost more on a per carat basis than fancy shapes for two reasons; the demand for round diamonds is very high, and the yield is relatively low. Because more of the rough stone is lost in the cutting of a round diamond, the cost of each carat retained is higher. A typical round diamond (for example; a 1.00 carat, F-color, VS2-clarity, Ex cut) may cost 25-35% more than a similar fancy shape.

The round diamond began to rise in popularity in 1919 with the publication of Marcel Tolkowsky’s thesis “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond”. Tolkowsky’s work described the ideal proportions of a round cut diamond for maximizing light return (or brilliance) and dispersion (or fire). The original Tolkowsky specifications (53% table, 59.3% depth, 34.50 crown angle, visible culet) have since been modified as the cut mechanics for round diamonds have perfected over time. These theoretical advancements, as well as advancements in technology (such as the use of lasers in diamond cutting), have been adopted by diamond manufacturers to produce the incredibly brilliant cuts we see today in well cut round diamonds.


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