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Custom Diamond Rings : Round Halo Diamond Ring

Round Halo Diamond Rings at Shira Diamonds Dallas

Custom Round Halo Diamond Rings 3A halo engagement ring has a main stone set with several little stones surrounding it in a circle, or a “halo”. This style has been popular for engagement rings since the 1920’s and is still a common type of engagement ring.

These rings are usually set with diamonds, but can be just as effective with other stones too.

The halo engagement ring originated from the Art-Deco style engagement rings that have designs that focus more on geometrical shapes. The geometrical look and the simplicity of the halo engagement ring made it popular for those who want to give an expensive looking ring without going for the intricately designed styles. In the history of engagement rings, the popularity of the halo engagement rings went down because of the great depression, however, it became in demand during the 1960s when the economy started picking up.

Some halo engagement rings are also coined as cluster engagement rings, because it is in effect a group of stones set closely together, but the halo engagement ring is different because it has a round center stone with smaller round stones surrounding it, giving it a halo look.

The halo engagement ring has a few pros and cons. The surrounding halo of stones can frame the middle stone in such a way to make it appear bigger and improve the brilliance of the stone. This can make the ring seem more impressive and valuable by adding to the initial “wow” factor when you first see the ring.



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