Wholesale Princess Diamond 1 Carat G SI2 – Dallas


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Code: Wholesale Diamonds Dallas 2359
Diamonds Group:
  • SI2
  • G
  • Princess
Diamonds Group:
  • G
  • SI2 ( Slightly Included )


Wholesale 1 Carat G SI2 Princess Diamonds in Dallas

Looking for wholesale diamonds in Dallas, Texas? At Shira Diamonds we are open directly to the public! This means you get the diamond for the same price as if we would sell it to a retail jewelry store! We have all types of loose diamonds with wholesale diamond prices. This princess cut diamond is a 1 carat G SI2 and certified by EGL. If you would like to view this loose princess diamond please call or text 214-336-8269.

All of our loose wholesale diamonds are conflict free and certified. With a market that is over-saturated with rounds, the princess cut offers a unique looking option to women looking for an alternative fashion statement. The princess diamond is technically a mixed cut whereby both step and brilliant cutting styles are incorporated.

While the princess cut has light performance that can be comparable to the round brilliant, it costs significantly less! Due to its better yield from the rough stone, it would please you to know that the price-per-carat weight of a princess cut is the lowest amongst all the shapes.

What makes a princess cut truly unique is that a reflection that looks like a cross is observed when light passes through the diamond. Coupled with 4 pointed corners, superior brilliance and scintillation patterns, these reasons contribute to the appeal that women have for the shape.


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