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Square Engagement Rings

Square Engagement Rings

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If you’ve seen a diamond ring with a square diamond, it was probably a princess cut engagement ring. Other square cuts for diamonds are radiant cut, cushion cut and emerald cut. Each of these has a squarish shape from the top and inverted pyramid shape from the side. The princess cut, designed in the 1960’s, is the second most popular cut for diamond engagement rings, after the round brilliant cut. A square diamond has a ratio as close to square as possible, and princess engagement rings usually have at least 58 facets.

Square cut diamonds showcase the diamond’s color around the edges, accentuating the fire of the gem. Princess engagement rings are stylish and dramatic. Square cut engagement rings are popular because of their modern look. They are brilliant like the traditional round cut, while being less expensive and more forgiving—square diamonds retain up to 80 percent of the rough diamond, while a round cut only retains 50 percent. A large variety of princess diamond engagement ring styles is available.

How to Select A Square Cut Engagement Ring

Like each individual has their own personality, engagement rings are also a representation of personal style. Square diamonds adds a modern and refined element to the engagement ring; however, flair can be added with metal colors, various ring settings and designs. In this way even the square diamond engagement ring can be personalized. Be sure to look for a setting that is made to perfectly complement the square cut. Speak with one of our expert gemologists for recommendations. Below are some of our most popular square cut diamond engagement rings:

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Radiant Cut Diamonds In Dallas Texas Radiant Engagement Rings Shira Diamonds 6, Shira DiamondsCustom Princess Diamond Ring Custom Bezel Diamond Ring Dallas 4, Shira Diamonds1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring Princess Cut Diamond Ring Dallas 1, Shira Diamonds

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Princess Cut Engagement Ring With Halo Custom Engagement Rings Dallas Texas 1, Shira Diamonds
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