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What Diamond Color Is The Rarest And Most Expensive?

While white diamonds are the talk of the town, other rare colors demand high prices too.

A high quality colored diamond can demand a price even higher than a white diamond of a similar grade.

Due to the scarce supply, there is a good chance that these rare diamonds will increase in value over time.

Rare diamonds like red diamonds are unique stunning choices for jewelry.

What Type of Diamonds Are Most Expensive?

Red Diamonds Shira Diamonds 300x200, Shira DiamondsDiamonds can appear in all types of colors, but the most desirable one is the red diamond.

One of the most interesting facts about diamonds are their unique features. They are extremely rare, only formed due to impurities, boron, and nitrogen.

These impurities cause a change in its atomic str qucture, allowing it to bend light to reflect red.

They are only produced in three locations: Brazil, Africa, and Australia.

Rare red diamonds are attractive because of the intensity of the color it shines.

Its color can range from dark pink to purplish red.

The rarest and most expensive red diamonds have a distinct hue.

To date, there are only 20 to 30 true red diamonds in existence.

Experts believe that rare red diamonds will double in price over the next few years due to the rarity and increasing demand.

They are worth at least $100,000, with some of the highest quality ones going for millions.

Here are some of the most popular red diamonds:

  • Moussaieff Red Diamond: Brazilian farmer Abzetezinho River discovered this 5.11-carat diamond.Jewelers fashioned it into a beautiful triangle brilliant cut. In 2001, the Moussaieff Jewelry company acquired the diamond, paying $8 million. It is the largest red diamond in the world.
  • Hancock Red Diamond: Named after the collector Warren Hancock, this red diamond has a distinct purplish-red color.
    It is a 0.95 carat round brilliant cut diamond. Warren paid $13,500 for it, and in 1987, someone bought it for $880,000.
  • Rob Red: This pear-shaped red diamond grades VS1 in clarity. It is the purest red diamond to date.
  • Supreme Purple Star: A deep purple red diamond that first appeared in 2002 in London.Since then, there has been little information about its whereabouts.Speculation is that this diamond is a 2 to 5 carat round brilliant cut.

Black Diamonds

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsBlack diamonds have been on the market for a very long time, but they didn’t get any attention until the late 20th century.

During this time, engagement rings with unique gemstones became a topic of interest.

How Rare are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are a unique option, providing a stark contrast to the usual diamond.

These diamonds come in many forms, and the price can range vastly.

The presence of graphite creates black diamonds.

These diamonds have many inclusions that form the black color. They have only one intensity, fancy black.

Like other diamonds, the 4Cs will determine the price they demand.

You can find treated black diamonds in abundance in the market.

Manufacturers form inclusions in natural diamonds to turn them into a black diamond.

Others are grown in labs, where they simulate conditions that create natural diamonds.

Both these types of black diamonds are a lot more affordable than natural ones.

Natural black diamonds are rare and demand high prices.

However, the saturation of treated and lab-grown black diamonds make it very difficult to find natural black diamonds.

It is important to buy from a reputable seller for assurance.

A loose, certified, 1-carat black diamond can command a price of at least $2,400.

Other Rare Diamond Colors

Blue Diamonds Shira Diamonds 300x225, Shira DiamondsBlue diamonds are the second rarest color next to red and has always been in contention with rare pink diamonds.

Boron is responsible for creating the color blue.

The hue of a blue diamond can vary, and some have secondary hues like green or violet.

Mines in India, Australia, and South Africa have produced rare blue diamonds.

Pink Diamonds Shira Diamonds 300x225, Shira DiamondsPink diamonds are another rare color that has an increasing demand. Many like it because of its vibrant color.

They come from Australia though Russia, Brazil, and Canada have mined some too.

Crafting a pink diamond requires a lot more time, and there are only a few in existence.

The estimation is that mines can acquire only 500 more quality pink diamonds in the future.

The presence of nitrogen forms orange diamonds.

They are often called pumpkin diamonds due to their color similarity.

A pure orange diamond is hard to find and thus can command high prices.

Any secondary color existing within an orange diamond can drop its price.

Buying A Rare Diamond?

For every 100,000 diamonds mined, only a few will have rare colors.

Rare diamonds are unique pieces to add to your collection and will likely increase in value over time.

If you’re planning to buy red diamonds, a certified one is the best choice.

Buy from a reputable seller, and you can even get better prices by choosing the right store.

Contact us now and get the most expensive diamond for you and your partner!

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